Opening dates for new Paparoa Visitors Centre!

Opening dates for new Paparoa Visitors Centre!

Locals will have noticed a hive of activity, and some long working days, as the new front building (Experience Centre) nears completion. It is now expected to be ready to move in late April. This will trigger the demolition, removal, and final landscaping arrangements of the existing DOC Visitor Centre next door. DOC staff are fully involved in these arrangements. When this work is concluded (scheduled for mid-June), there will be a formal opening of this stage of the project.

Green roof The green roof of the new visitor centre is now in place and thriving. Sharon Langridge and the CVNZ team propagated and grew on all these plants, in special plant trays to facilitate drainage, and avoid erosion and slippage on the sloping roof. 

Dion Findlay and his team made a splendid job of placing and installing these, under considerable pressure, impressing everyone who saw them in action.

View from Green Roof looking west

Progress on Exhibition Centre [back building]
This building,  tucked behind the new Visitor Centre, is well underway. It will also have a green roof and the plants are growing on strongly in preparation for this. Gibson Group – the exhibition designer – is active again, finalising the exhibition content for this space.
Installation of the exhibition is scheduled to start in May, as soon as the Exhibition building is completed by Naylor Love, and is due for completion by November this year.

The Green roof prep for exhibition centre
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