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We have been running the Punakaiki Beach Camp since 2013 and we totally love it. We have always lived in Punakaiki and when we found out that a Great Walk was being built, we were very excited! Our family has been taking on New Zealand’s Great Walks, and we have now finished six. We found when organising logistics for a Great Walk that it was always difficult to find a place where we could instantly book all the things you need besides the hut tickets – things like transport to the start of the track, accommodation, car parking and gear transfers.

With the 2015 announcement of the Paparoa Track opening late 2019, we decided we would create a “one stop shop” for walkers and bikers – a way for people to book everything they need in one place, with an instant confirmation. No emailing back and forth, tick this box and that and we will get back to you. We wanted to create a seamless booking experience. That’s when PaparoaGreatWalk.co.nz was created – a place for Track users to get all the elements for their experience in one place so when they press BOOK NOW it will actually BOOK NOW! 

We look forward to assisting you with services before and after your Great Walk!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Paparoa and Pike29 Memorial Tracks are tough rides and not to be underestimated – to enjoy your ride you need to be fit and have good equipment. Plan to spend 1 night on the track, although fitter and more experienced riders can do it in a day. See Bike It itinerary here.

Weather in the Paparoa National Park is changeable with annual rainfall averaging around 6,000mm (235 inches). Heavy rain can occur with little warning, and unbridged streams are dangerous in flood. Be prepared for rain, heavy fog, snow and high wind, especially on the exposed sections of the track.

– You are not permitted to take a mountain bike into any hut or shelter, or on to hut porches.
– You are not permitted to take a mountain bike off the formed and designated route.
– Electric bikes are not allowed on the track.
– Bikes must give way to walkers.
The Bikers Code can be found on the DOC website on “Quick links” at bottom of this page.

Day one is the longest day at 19.9km, followed by day two 18.7km and the final day a walk of 16.4km.

Huts have bunks, mattresses, heating, gas cooktops, toilets, USB charging and a water supply. A DOC ranger may be present. The huts do not provide food, cooking utensils or showers.

Yes, all guests of the Punakaiki Beach Camp are welcome to book gear transfers on our booking system, so when you are done, your clean clothes and goodies await at your accommodation.

The Paparoa Track is very busy during the summer season, we recommend booking huts and other services you need as far in advance as you can. 

You can park your car in the Blackball township carpark. Punakaiki Beach Camp has the only secure parking in Punakaiki and can be booked through this website after booking accommodation.

If you park in Blackball, you can arrange to have your bags brought to your Punakaiki accommodation.

Punakaiki Beach Camp offers a daily service from Punakaiki to Blackball leaving Punakaiki at 8.00am. We have a purpose-built bike trailer, so there’s plenty of room for bikes and gear.

Buy these on the DOC website here. 

Yes. Most of the track above the bushline does have reception! Don’t forget to #thepaparoatrack and @thepaparoatrack all photos!

From luxury seaside holiday houses to beautiful campsites in the paradise that is the Punakaiki Beach Camp, we have something for you! Accommodation can be booked on the BOOK NOW button, top right of the screen.

We recommend booking hut tickets first, as there are only 20 beds per hut and they will fill up very quickly. Once you have booked your hut tickets, get your car parking, accommodation, track transport and gear transfers with us.  


Start booking your Paparoa Track expedition with us!

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